Something new is coming...

Do you like VFX? Then this newcoming shader pack will be for you!

Volumetric fogs, hazes, godrays, smokes, fires and flames, mists, waves, sparks and hundreds of amazing VFX with this super-versatile shader pack.

The possibilities are endless!

We will release this new pack soon so, stay tuned!!

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Shader pack 01 (Cartoon landscape)

In this outstanding professional shader pack you will find all you need to build your own cartoon environment with an outstanding PBR cartoony shader sets.

Create incredible waterfalls, lakes, mountain range, prairies and meadows. Bring life to your grass, bushes and trees with a super versatile "moving foliage shader.

Texture amazing landscapes with an impressive "triplanar" (world mapping coordinate) uvs shader.
Create variety and break the tiling effect with it's effective an easy to use mask.

All of it absolutely mobile ready for android and iOS!!

Check this videos and discover ho these shaders work:

-Animated foliage shader example-
-Animated water example-
-Terrain "triplanar" shader example-
BONUS! if you buy this pack now you will have a cloth/flag shader totally for FREE!!

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Grand opening!!

Ladies and gentlemen... start your engines!

ZerinLABS is finally here in order to bring you professional unity high quality tools for pro and indie developers!

with more than 10 years of experience on the gaming industry, we know exactly what you need to make your game astonishingly beautiful.

We promise,
we will not disapoint you!